What is punyshort?

PunyShort is an open source Linkshortener, with which can short huge links in to a tiny one!
You want to track the clicks on the link? No problem! It is also possible. You can track non-user-related data like the country, browser and the time with which/when the user clicked on the link!


Custom Brand URLs
Use your own domain to create custom shorten urls like go.interaapps.de/donate
Track the non-user-specific data like the date when he visited, the browser, the estimated country and operating system.
Share it on social media and get better results. People do more often click on shorten links.

Open Source

Do you want to contribute and help? Or do you want transparency and look into the code? This project is open source!
If you want to contribute stuff, than you should check out Our GitHub page.